Matchbox helps universities accelerate and improve their entire recruitment process.

The story of Matchbox begins in the office of Rod Garcia, the director of admissions at MIT Sloan, a few months after Apple first launched the iPad. At the time, I had been a member of the MIT Sloan Admissions Committee for just over a year, and was discussing with Rod how the convoluted admissions process is at universities. Now, a few things to know about Rod: he loves technology; he’s an absolute minimalist; he’s always looking for ways to simply the processes around him. So with his suggestion and full support, I took on a “side project” over the summer to build an iPad app that would improve the admissions process. I was currently working at New Atlantic Ventures as a venture capitalist, but the project instantly became a passion. After eight months of long hours, blood, sweat, and even a few tears, the first version of AdmitPad was born.

Today, AdmitPad has become Matchbox. Our goal is to help universities accelerate and improve their entire recruitment process, by providing software built specifically for admissions professionals by admissions professionals.